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In November '97 Chicane released his debut album "Far From The Maddening Crowds" which has now shipped approximately 80,000 units worldwide.
As a remixer Chicane has worked his magic on the following acts: - Everything But The Girl "Before Today", Lithium featuring Sonia Madden "Ride A Rocket", BBG "Just Be Tonight", Phurry Phreaks "Soothe", Luce Drayton "To Be Loved", BT "Flaming June", Jose Padilla "Who Do You Love", Billy Ray Martin "Honey", B*witched "Blame It On The Weatherman", Bryan Adams "Cloud Number No. 9".
Chicane also enjoys an active profile on the live circuit, having successfully performed at prestigious venues such as London's Ministry Of Sound, Lakota-Bristol, Feel-Preston, Peach-London and the infamous Gatecrasher-Sheffield. Chicane hopes in the future to tour the world fulfilling demands for national tours from countries as diverse as Japan and Australia.
As well as Chicane's obvious musical talent, Nick is also qualified as a Graphic Designer, incidentally meeting Alex Gold of Xtravanganza when they were both studying at the same college. Infact, Nick oversees all the graphics for his releases and also the storyboards and production of his videos. Aside from music his other major passion is cars - fast ones, pride of place at the moment is Nick's latest - a yellow Lotus Esprit!.
Coming Soon in the final chapter Nick takes us "behind the sun".