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Chicane alias Nick Bracegirdle has been highly acclaimed as one of the hottest writers, producers & remixers to take the UK club and national charts by storm since his first release "Offshore" in December 1996. Since that time Chicane has enjoyed five UK national chart top 40 hits. "Offshore" was first brought under the spotlight in the summer of '96 when Jose Padilla could be found spinning the original ambient version at his legendary Café Del Mar sunset sessions. "Offshore" started off as an original Ibiza chill-out anthem and was then remixed by the Disco Citizens and released on Nick's own label, Modena Records. Following a hot bidding war amongst the UK's major record companies, "Offshore" was eventually signed to Alex Gold's mighty independent Xtravaganza Records. After reaching number one in almost every conceivable Club and Buzz chart, to name but a few Record Mirror and Mix Mag, "Offshore" was finally released in December 96 and went on to enter the UK national chart at number 14 in the competitive Christmas week of 96. The rest is, as they say, history! Nick Bracegirdle is also known under the guise of the Disco Citizens. The Disco Citizens have been responsible for remixing all of Chicane's five top forty hits. December '96 "Offshore", May '97 "Sunstroke" (#21), September '97 "Offshore" vocal remixed for '97 (#17), December '97 "Lost You Somewhere" (#35), and October '98 "Strong In Love" (#32). The Disco Citizens have also been responsible for producing two highly acclaimed UK progressive house records, "Footprint" which reached number (#27) in the national UK chart in March '97 and the infamous "Nagasaki Badger" which has reached classic status and can be often heard out in some of UK's most respected clubs. Click here for Part 2 where we look at Chicane's debut album "Far From The Maddening Crowds".